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Bolivianite - Amethyst from Bolivia Empty Bolivianite - Amethyst from Bolivia

Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:30 pm
I bought a sweet but very powerful Bolivianite point (amethyst from Bolivia).
The crystal shop didn't have them before and most they'd put in their web-shop had already sold.
There was one that intrigued me yet at the same time not. In spite of that I clicked the larger photos, and holy cow!! The energy it has is immense!
It's like it immediately shoots out a horizontal energy field and anchors that and then it creates a link up into the heavens. The horizontal field is to keep you stable and anchored as it goes up VERY high. Through that high link/beam these high energies come down.
There's a link to either Merlin or Merlina, depending whether the crystal is predominantly masculine or feminine in energy. Merlin & Merlina, meaning transmutation, alchemy.

I saw an image of breaking away from the bottom part. So breaking free from the old foundations, or just the old, once you're ready.
This includes cleansing, transmuting, and then breaking free from negative dense stuff from Atlantis as well as this crystal goes WAY beyond Atlantean times and energy.
And because of what it does it brings inner peace and quiet, but before you get there, or in the beginning after the cleansing, letting go & transmutating, you can feel tired as it is quite the process.

I also felt immense power and pressure of some sort on the chest area, from the shoulders down, including the Solar Plexus. Not scary or painful, but intense for sure. It felt like it was energy moving in a circular movement, forming a ring kind of.
It reminded me of the protective Ring of Uriel as that's also there, when activated of course. I came across that in a meditation from someone a few years back.
And since Bolivianite can have citrine in it (ametrine) it wouldn't surprise me if it also has AA Uriel's energy.

Anywho, I just wanted to share.
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