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Discovering and working with Law of Attracting Empty Discovering and working with Law of Attracting

Fri Nov 06, 2020 6:37 pm
Some 5 years ago someone advised me to watch Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer's talk. I cannot recall the title of it now. She recommended it to me for a reason and somehow it resonated with me. I found it and watched it and got more and more intrigued!
I looked for -and found- many more Abraham Hicks vids on YouTube, entire workshops! These were removed later due to copyright. But in 2015 I was lucky enough to be able to watch a great many of them, and I did non-stop. For days, weeks, months.
5, 7, 9, 12, 13 hour long recordings of a workshop and/or cruise. It was seriously all I did for some 4 months, all day every day.
The effect was stunning! I of course got a good understanding of the Law of Attraction which I hadn't really heard of before.
But I also got to a very high vibration. So much so that at some point I noticed when walking outside that colours were brighter, everything was clearer. As if a thin veil had been removed! It was amazing! I had heard of this somewhere from someone but then I'd thought, "Yeah, yeah...", not really believing it. Then I experienced it myself!
I touched other people's vibration everywhere I went, even when we didn't talk or get close. Strangers on the other side of the street looked up as if someone or something had alerted them to my presence, they saw me and smiled and most of them also greeted me. Regardless of age, a gran and a young toddler out together for instance.
It was quite something for me to experience. A very pleasurable side-effect.
Grumpy people behind the cash register, affected by all the grumpy customers who barely look at them... I made them smile, even if for a few minutes and that in turn pleased me. I began to love touching other people, making their day a bit brighter. It truly is a reciprocal thing: you give, and at the same time you receive. It was marvelous!
Nothing could get me out of whack. A miserable friend whining and ranting because of work, life, blablabla... After 5 mins with me she was all smiles and happy again! She even commented on it -she did regularly-, "I always feel so good when I'm with you!"
Now I know she couldn't hold on to that vibration but at least she'd felt a glimmer of joy and happiness for the time she'd spent with me.

But then.... something happened that had a tremendous impact on me, from someone who matters the world to me, and I got out of whack. I have managed to get my higher vibration back much later, after I worked through the emotional pain of what happened (and no, not lover related), but I've never been able to get back to where I was in the beginning of 2016.

I still work with LoA. Sometimes it slips to the background a bit but I always go back to it as it just feels so damned good!
I've found more teachers concerning LoA but Esther/Abraham Hicks remains tha best source for me!

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