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Happy Summer Solstice! Empty Happy Summer Solstice!

Tue Jun 21, 2022 11:30 am

The energies were good to me, inspired me, energised me. I was doing a lot outdoors where I restoring a mural and Buddha table that sits in front of the mural.

But then late yesterday afternoon and evening I suddenly was in a lot of pain. To be honest, I could already feel a difference when I got up as my head stayed 'foggy' for a long time: I couldn't seem to wake up.
The pain was quite bad, my back & neck, tinnitus screaming, my shoulders, fingers and even my feet. One toe esp. was aching, really weird, never had that, hihi.

So I do think that was related to the incoming energies being so high.
Oddly enough I repainted the sun on the mural yesterday?! I didn't plan to do that at Solstice eve. So I stood there, enjoying having the golden sun back, not realising it was almost Summer Solstice. Peculiar.
Happy Summer Solstice! ZqJnENf

Anyhow, Happy Summer Solstice!!

sunny sunny sunny sunny

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