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Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer Empty Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer

Mon Jun 06, 2022 7:24 pm
It could be related to today's -at the time of writing- 6-6-6 portal, not sure, but of late I feel an increasing need & desire to get another deep dive in my spiritual development.
I'm regularly following workshops online, often by Diana Cooper, but also busy with other stuff like EFT (tapping), Joe Dispenza etc etc.

But now, the last 1,5-2 weeks I feel like more, another kind of energy, which I usually then find with the work that is offered online by a spiritual centre I used to go to for workshops around 2009.
It's too far and too expensive for me to visit now for workshops, which are generally a weekend or a week (5 days) and then sleeping there too (included in the price).
But they offer online courses and workshops that were recorded during a live course/workshop at the centre.

So I first did one that I'd bought a few years back, did a new one today, and boy do they go deep and clean up a lot!
But then I stumbled upon the Magic Merlin Healer course that I've contemplated before, and now I feel ready for it! So I'm intending to do that, also an E-course so no driving or anything.

It already existed when I was going to the spiritual centre that offers it but somehow it didn't quite resonate yet. I was not nearly where I am today on my path and in my development.
But the last couple of months I find myself calling on Merlin more often and wishing I knew how to work with him properly, with the wisdom and tools he has which are quite specific.
I've come across him a little here and there, but never in depth.

Plus, with an E-course I have all recordings. I will record them onto my device so  will have access forever. (They only give you 4x listening option which I find ridiculous so I record everything myself, hihi).

In any case, having read what you will learn... OMG I'm buzzing in my chair already from the high vibe I feel coming from it all!!
I SO want this! Quite a surprise as in a way I had not expected that, did not see this one coming, hihi.

Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer Empty Re: Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer

Thu Jun 09, 2022 4:27 pm
So far the course is great! I've done 8 of the 30 vids and am busy practising with everything. But I do feel so good!
Yesterday I went for a walk in a holiday park that is more like a small woods. Loads of trees, birds, flowers etc. That's why I go there, to be in nature. And my heart chakra was wide open, non-stop. I felt so connected with All That Is, such a wonderful feeling!
And after doing one specific Merlin healing transmission my tinnitus almost completely went away, which was such a relief as the days prior it'd been insanely loud, driving me up the wall!

For each healing and/or energy tool you first tune into the energy. I've already gotten a number of tools downloaded into my system to use.
I've had that before, years ago, although not Merlin ones. A quite large number of Cosmic Rays, the Eternal Healing Light, Dragon Healing tool etc. etc.
It then is important to keep using them, practising with them, so they really sink in and the energetic channel in you gets more active, stronger, and more opened.

In one of the vids I did yesterday I went on an energetic trip/visualisation journey with my Magickal Child. That's the one before you can get access to your Divine Child, the highest one.
It was truly magickal!

I'm really happy I got the course in even though it is different from doing the workshop there (not given anymore btw) as then you have the full whack, 2 entire days. The online course is also a lot, 13 hours total, but divided over 30 vids, meaning it's chopped off. Larger and smaller segments.
I find it helps to repeat a smaller segment before getting into a new one so I'm already tuned in to the energies and vibration.

A few things I've gotten installed so far are pop-up crystals to work with, changing the vibe in a room/house/garden with crystals, magickal Merlin threads, raising the vibe of food, Angel Coat, colour acupuncture.

Oh and it is btw not just Merlin but also Merlina, the feminine counterpart of the energy.

I got my Mystic Merlinite from upstairs as well as Merlinite (indigo gabbro). The latter I have near my Root chakra when I'm doing the transmissions, the other is in front of me or hold it.
In between I occasionally grab my Shangaan amethyst.
And of course the girasol freeform I bought last week is right in front of me too! I feel she adds a lot of energy to it all and is part of the reason for me being ready now to work with Merlin & Merlina and their energy.

In any case, enjoying it Happy
sunny Big Grin
Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer Empty Re: Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer

Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:18 pm
A few days ago I did the part of the course where you get the Global Healing Network installed in your system. This can be used for bigger things, like healing a company or sending help to a country or region etc. etc.

When wanting to use it you have to wait for the energies to build as it is a vast tool/energy. And you have to use it with at least 9 others that have this tool installed.
Now I don't have nor know 9 others so I simply called on Dragons, Phoenix (always easily with me, like a power animal), and other Lightbeings.
It was really quite unusual. You don't have to do anything except for activate the tool, have an intention of course of where it has to go, hold that high vibration, the rest goes by itself.
I felt huge waves of energy move up through me vertically, the power so strong I almost got in some sort of trance. I saw the energy like you can sometimes see the air move in waves, shimmying, above a hot asphalt road.

It is good to check upfront if what you want to send healing to is okay. For instance when a government building or United Nations or the like, it may not be good as not everyone that works there is ready for that high energy and it may then even have the adverse effect.
So you have to ask and feel.
We did use it on healing & purifying the oceans. I decided to add my own bodily waters to it. Holy cow... hahaha.
As I was sat there, holding the energy, suddenly my soapstone skull Selkie came through. She wanted to help out too, so I let her, go ahead, do your thing!
She's my biggest skull, and not with me to work on me really. She's a healer of bigger things, mostly water related as she's Selkie. Connected to the Selkie lore (seal folk).
I saw a huge fountain of energy spouting from her towards the world's ocean, she was SO happy to be able to help!
I hadn't worked with her in years, and seeing her do her thing was beautiful. A wave of love for her burst from my Heart, still making me smile as I type this.
I had planned to do Water healings with her, taking her with me, but she's quite heavy for me even though she's not huge, but 15x11x9 cms of soapstone simply is heavy.

In any case, it was beautiful, both the healing of the oceans as well of my bodily waters.
The oceans, I saw a horizontal type of double helix going through the waters. The helix rotating, being light aquamarine in colour. When I asked Merlin what they did the answer was, "They open the water molecules so the pollution (including energetic!!) can be released and then they're restored so they cannot absorb it so easily anymore."
So a huge cleanse! These helixes were not small, vast ones and very high vibrational.

Anyhow, it was quite awesome, but the energies of this tool are sure as heck not to be underestimated! I was happy I called on so many Dragons and Lightbeings etc to help out. I can understand you better not do this by yourself and actually require 9 others.
I asked the Dragons to hold the field stable, and they did, they anchored it. Big help!!

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Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer Empty Re: Desire for Deep Dive & Magic Merlin Healer

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