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Blessed Imbolc! Empty Blessed Imbolc!

Mon Jan 31, 2022 3:17 pm
While the storm is still howling around my house I decided to write about Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid who's connected to that. So here it is!

Imbolc is almost here (1-2 February)!
This Celtic festival is all about waking up after a period of rest that we've had. The past few months were all about going inward, during which we spent much time indoors due to the colder weather and less daylight. Now we are moving towards more light, and with that outgoing energy.
Imbolc is about the start of this. When you go outdoors and tune into nature you can really feel this enormous life-force energy! I did this yesterday and it made me smile because this force is truly powerful and cannot be pushed back anymore. It's kind of like an energy that can break through things.
Animals, insects, plants, trees, are all beginning to wake up. The sap stream in trees is starting to really move (upward) again, and even if you cannot see this force because they haven't got leaves yet, the energy has shifted for sure!

For us it's the same. We already have much more daylight, and our energy is also shifting from an inward focus to outward one.
Time for new, new projects, feeling the desire to create, clear and cleanse to make space for the new, and so on.

Brigid is connected to Imbolc. She's a goddess of Fire, of 3 fires even:
Fire of the Hearth: all things concerning home, home-life, family
Fire of the Heart: all matters concerning love, healing, coming together, inspiration
Fire of the Forge: concerning endeavours, action, work, projects, creative (action)

Blessed Imbolc! Goddess-Brigit-e1613801378268

Because of the healing aspect of this goddess she is also connected to wells & springs, which are sources of healing too.
That's why many springs & wells are dedicated to or named after Brigid.

I love this picture of Brigid as not only does it show her fiery character and the Fire element, it also has the Brigid Cross in the top corners Happy

Blessed Imbolc!
Bless your own inner Fire which feeds your passion, creativity, inspired action!

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