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Brainfog & Testing If properly Hydrated or Not Empty Brainfog & Testing If properly Hydrated or Not

Wed Sep 29, 2021 4:29 pm
I tend to regularly have brainfog these days. Today was another one, and I found myself thinking, "Why don't I know something to get rid of it?"
Often the energy point I know for it don't work, paracetamol doesn't either.
Then I suddenly remembered: water!!
It is related to Bladder & Kidney meridian and if you have brainfog almost always you aren't properly hydrated!
I've learnt that from my book on the 5 elements, and I've tested it of course, and it is almost always THE remedy!

To see if you are properly hydrated, a very simply test that takes a few secs only:
- On the topside of your hand you see the 'creases' over the finger joints.
- Choose one of the larger, so not near the tip of you fingers and
- pull/pinch on the creases of one such joint with 2 fingers from your other hand.
- If a ridge stands up for a bit you are NOT properly hydrated.
- If there is no ridge, and the skin goes back straight away, you are properly hydrated.

I thought I would be as I drink quite a lot of water. Taken aback to find I am NOT properly hydrated whoa
I have upped my water intake, but still not enough. Shocked Hmmm

Are you drinking enough? Test it!

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