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The Heroine's Journey - Maureen Murdock Empty The Heroine's Journey - Maureen Murdock

Fri Jun 25, 2021 2:08 pm
The Heroine's Journey... I cannot remember how I came across it but when I did, read a bit on Amazon with "Look Inside" I knew I wanted to have it.
I got it the other day, late birthday pressie from my girl Happy

It is about (every) woman's journey from where she turns her back to the feminine, all the stages she then goes through, to return to the inner sacred & balanced feminine & masculine. If all goes well of course.

I know many -if not all- women have troubles with their mother in some form or other, often never getting resolved either. This does leave a huge scar and defines for a big part how a woman goes through life. Her choice in work, man, study, and so on. Everything basically.

Apparently there is a 'mother - daughter' split which in most cases is (very) difficult.
This book describes the various types of splits and how this usually pans out.

Also a section on father's role and the impact of that.

I've been busy with the Divine Feminine & Masculine for at least 10 yrs as it's my great passion and Soul calling, but this sheds light form an angle I've not come across before. Of course I cannot read all books in existence, hihi.
But it's a very interesting for sure!!
And it also stirs things up!

There's way more to come, I'm not even half way through and it's not just on the mother / daughter split but the entire journey back to a woman's natural state of being.
So far I wholeheartedly recommend it!

The Heroine's Journey - Maureen Murdock The-heroine-s-journey
Posts : 317
Join date : 2020-11-05
Age : 58

The Heroine's Journey - Maureen Murdock Empty Re: The Heroine's Journey - Maureen Murdock

Fri Jun 25, 2021 2:26 pm
Having read a little more, I had to stop as I do feel the deep impact of all the information. It takes time to digest.
And to allow things to float up to the surface concerning the subject that I hadn't seen yet or forgotten. It really goes deep!

And then today -due to a discussion on another website- I realised how we as a species haven't really progressed all that much yet. Yes, women have had lots of successes in their struggle for equality. We have more freedom than ever before.
But... it's still NOT the same freedom the male counterpart has. The perimeters are defined by the masculine that as of yet isn't empowered for the most part.

We still have to be vigilant when walking in the dark at night on our own. We have to think twice about going into the woods on our own... We have to deal with unsolicited attention with sexual innuendo from men. Catcalls, ogling, sexual remarks and so on. Whether in the street, in the pub, or at work.
Going home from the pub to our car... rushing to get to your car. Parking garages are creepy at night.
Men don't have to worry about any of these things. Okay they can get mugged, sure, but they don't have to deal with the sexual based harassment or (group) rape.

So in that sense we are still only 'play things' and lust objects. That part hasn't changed much, if at all.
To be honest, it's made me quite sad to realise this.

Anyhow, I really recommend the book if the subject interests you, or if you want to get more clarity about your own femininity or sooth issues with mother and/or women.
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