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Ho'oponopono Prayer and explanation of the words Empty Ho'oponopono Prayer and explanation of the words

Thu Nov 05, 2020 6:02 pm
Years ago someone told me about the ho'oponopono prayer and I didn't get it at all. It's to help heal and forgive from a certain situation or person.
I'd been in a very abusive relationship with a narcissist for 10 years, and when she told me how the prayer went I didn't get it. I got angry about it even, hihi.
For clarity purposes, this is the H prayer (not gonna type that word again )

I forgive you
I'm sorry
Thank you
I love you

The idea is to say it out loud and to really mean it.
But... The I'm sorry tripped me up. Saying "I'm sorry" concerning a narcissist who abused me in every form possible, and did so much damage to me... no way! I had nothing to be sorry for.

So I always felt this H prayer was just nonsense or else not the thing for me.
But then the other day I got this book in and it explained what each sentence stands for. NOW I finally get it and now I do like it!!

I forgive you - I will release this from myself and it is no longer my problem. I will no longer allow this situation to affect me and block me.

I'm sorry- I acknowledge the situation and I am sorry for holding onto it for so long. I will no longer allow it to bother me.

Thank you - Thank you for all the lessons this situation taught me.

I love you - Sending love to the situation will allow you to heal and get through it. Everything is accomplished with love.

Not knowing and understanding that... now it does feel good and I can now implement it without a problem!!
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