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Spiritual Routine Empty Spiritual Routine

Tue Mar 30, 2021 12:21 pm
I've never had a spiritual routine. I meditated or did things whenever I felt drawn to it.
But for close to a year now, I've started my days on YouTube, listening to Joe Dispenza, sometimes Abraham Hicks. At some point I felt saturated with Joe's wisdom and knowledge and indirectly got back to Tim Whild again.
Tim Whild is an inspiration speaker, spiritual, co-author of 2 books with Diana Cooper, etc. At the moment I really resonate with what he offers 2x a week, and with his energy. All his work is aimed at 5D, like Diana Cooper, but his vibe is different, more earthy.

So I start with listening to him, doing visualisations. These are always short as the clips rarely are longer than 20 mins, the visualisations between 5-10 minutes on average. He likes to have and share visualisations that you can always do, anywhere, and quickly, as opposed to having to take half an hour or longer.
I like waking up with that, as then I do some meditating in the morning before I start the day, which Joe Dispenza recommends. I really can't get myself to sit in meditations for half an hour or so when I just got up. But a couple of minutes, no problem at all!

It does put me on a different vibration which is a great start of the day!
So much better and healthier than going over social media that is currently filled with so much unpleasantness, even after snoozing and hiding loads.

Tim doing a Meditation Monday and Ascension Update Friday has also inspired me to do a similar thing Happy So I now do a Pick a Card Saturday and an Inspiration & meditation Wednesday.
For someone who never liked set times/days for anything that was a big decision! So far I'm liking it!

Do you have a certain routine?

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