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Hold steady in the belief we ARE on course!  Empty Hold steady in the belief we ARE on course!

Tue Mar 23, 2021 8:54 pm
Many people, including Lightworkers, find it increasingly difficult at the moment to keep the faith, to keep their vibration high, to hold on to the vision and belief that there IS a greater good for which this is all happening.
I just drew a card and the message is very applicable for such a situation so I'm sharing it here.

In the in-between places, the beings of the hidden world can make their way into the world of this planet through portals. They come in simple forms of light, offering energy to the natural world in this time of change on our planet.
They assist all who care for the planet, and who wish to be part of her evolution. You who see this image now are a part of the collective chosen to do the work that has seen the planet survive more than one time of great danger. You need only hold the space for love, for vibrational energy which is pure and high, to maintain peace and a calm in your own self, which will have a soothing effect on all around you.
This is no complacent peace-keeping, nor is it ignoring the crisis this Mother Earth now faces. It is to hold a space in which hope can be kept alive, so the beings of light can continue to come through the sacred places, the portals of the hidden worlds, and make their way to the trees and the animals, the plants and the waterways, through the air and deep into the very clay of the earth, and help purify her, heal her, sustain her.
Hold this loving light energy within yourself. Speak from the heart. Keep kindness close to you. Show the way through being the alternative. Break the chains of anger and sadness that seek to enslave your spirit, to overwhelm you.
At this time, let lightness be the way. Have a soft touch, a kind gaze and a warm heart, and keep the pathways alive for the light to do her sacred work.
Lightworkers assist in keeping open the pathways for light beings to help heal this planet.
Keep the living light inside you alive.

Hold steady in the belief we ARE on course!  SPEIDpN
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