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Never lose hope, it CAN happen! Empty Never lose hope, it CAN happen!

Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:50 pm
It so easy to come to think that luck and fortune are only meant for the lucky few.
But then look at Susan Boyle from Scotland who was on Britain's got Talent, in I believe 2009.
She didn't exactly look the part, 47 yrs old, she allegedly had brain damage but later was (finally) diagnosed with Asperger's.
Everyone was sniggering behind their hand or openly, whether audience or jury. It looked like Simon Cowell had great difficulty to not ridicule her too much.
And then Susan started singing...
Everyone was moved and in awe, and she got a standing ovation!

Now... she has released a lot of albums, sold millions of copies, if she performs the show is sold-out within hours.
Someone tarted her up, she looks good now when performing, and someone had the good mind to do her eyebrows, cos damn! hihi.

And... she has a net worth of $40 million!
She's travelled the world to perform, doesn't have to prove anything anymore, does the thing she likes, and has a great team around her.

I just watched another clip of her performance in 2019, and yes, I cried. It's so beautiful, so moving!

Might be a good reminder when you feel down, that you're going round in circles, won't ever achieve anything, that it's not for you, that you're too old blabla...
It CAN happen!
No matter how old you are...
No matter what's wrong with you...
No matter what you look like...
It CAN happen, for you too!
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