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Demolition Man - This is eerily to what's happening NOW? Empty Demolition Man - This is eerily to what's happening NOW?

Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:25 pm
Watching Demolition Man from 1993 is quite shocking if you overlay it with what's going on in the world right now and where the ones in power are steering us.

- The movie is set in 2032 for the most part, where Sylvester Stallone is brought back after 36 yrs of cryo.
2032 is this magical year, mentioned by both the spiritual world as the Elite, the New World Order.

- In the movie people aren't allowed to touch, nor exchange bodily fluids. So no hugging, kissing, touching, and no kissing and no sex.
We are currently getting brainwashed to be okay with keeping distance, not touching, hugging etc.

- No consumption of meat, salt, alcohol, tobacco, and lord knows what else, as it's bad for you.
Right now the vegetarian lifestyle is just forced upon us. Over here they are deliberately getting farmers out of business, using the climate crisis as an excuse. At the same time the shelves in supermarkets are getting crammed with 'vegetarian this' and 'vegetarian that'.

Now if someone WANTS to be a vegetarian, no skin of my nose. But can we please CHOOSE?

- In the movie you see everyone is coded, a chip. Rumours are that this is what the Covid vaccines are all about.
If you don't have such a chip you cannot buy or pay for anything. So people are forced to.
But that way they keep track of every single thing people do, where they are, AND even what they SAY!? So even when you swear it is registered and you are fined. But it also means everything you say is and can be monitored. No more freedom. Everything is stale and flat. No freedom of choice.

What is left is what you see in the movie: a polite society with no violence, where life feels plastic, is carefully orchestrated and manipulated. Being alive but not living.

When I watched this movie in 1993 it was like fiction and 'this will never happen!'
But looking at what is happening to the world right now...
We are getting awfully close to the "Demolition Man" scenario! Part of it are already being implemented or planned to very soon be implemented. Scary chit!

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