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Dare to Let Go, Don't fear Change  Empty Dare to Let Go, Don't fear Change

Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:26 pm
My message for today is, DARE TO LET GO, DON'T FEAR CHANGE!
I will tell you why this came up for me today.
For 10 years I went to a physio, a woman with whom I didn't resonate. But she knew my body, my hypermobility, so that part worked. In spite of that I dreaded going to her, put off making an appointment. In grew dissatisfied with her treatment over the years as well. She just 'clicked'/pushed vertebrae back in position, did dry-needling -which I absolutely hate- and that was about it. Oftentimes not even giving me the half hour.
Then, earlier this year, I needed treatment but daren't see her as I couldn't lay on my belly and back due to my vertigo. And I knew that was going to be a problem.
I phoned her, and it was a problem. She wasn't sure if she could treat me that way.
Decision time! I mustered my courage and decided it was time to find another one, closer to home as the one I had was almost half an hour away. And if another didn't handle my sensitive body well, I could always go back, right?!

The new one, also a woman, was great! When speaking on the phone, before even seeing her, I felt a click. She was happy, cheerful, positive. Everything the other was not.
She was very careful because of my hypermobility, she wasn't upset that I only want my osteopath to treat my neck, and she can treat me when I'm on my side without a problem!
WOWZA! And the other didn't even know how and if she could do all that?
I now feel happy when I go to my new physio, and happy when I go home from my physio Happy

There's only one thing that I think each time I've seen her: I should have done this YEARS ago!
I didn't because I was afraid. Afraid to let go of what I had, EVEN THOUGH it sucked, and not knowing what I'd get.

Hence my message: Don't do that to yourself! Don't settle. If it doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel good.

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