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The 12 Ascension Chakras  Empty The 12 Ascension Chakras

Thu Nov 05, 2020 1:47 pm
As we move from 3D to 5D our chakra systems changes as well. We go from the familiar 7 chakra system -all of which are to be found on the body- to a 12 chakra system. A number of these are not on the body.
Since 5d is a higher vibration, and fast moving, the 5D chakras rotate much faster too. This means their colours change as colour is also vibration.

1 Earth Star chakra - some 30 cms below your feet. This is black & white, then grey but as your vibration goes up more it becomes a brilliant shining silver.

2 Root Chakra - crotch area where it always was. When you reach 5D vibration it becomes platinum of colour.

3 Sacral Chakra - in between the pubic bone and navel. This is a delicate ethereal pink.

4 Navel chakra - a beautiful warm orange

5 Solar Plexus - a deep golden yellow with rainbow sparkles, located over the stomach

6 Heart Chakra - pure white, filled with Christ consciousness and aligned with the Cosmic Heart. Located over the heart.

7 Throat Chakra - when it's cleared and you're getting to more 5D levels, more violet comes into its blue and it will end up a beautiful royal blue

8 Third Eye - forehead centre, although some say between the eyebrows, I feel it in the middle of my forehead. When it's 5th dimensional in vibration it become a clear crystal ball. I suppose this is where the contradicting info comes from as some say its colour is white, others say purple, yet others say blue. So I gather some knew about the 'white' --> clear crystal ball.

9 Crown Chakra - On the crown of the head. When 5D it transforms from violet to clear crystal.

10 Causal Chakra - Just above the crown chakra, a little towards the back of the head. It's NOT on the body. A shimmering white at 5D. A few cms above the head.

11 Soul Star Chakra - A magenta colour. Approx. 20-30 cms above the head

12 Stellar Gateway - some 30-60 cms above the head and gold / golden orange in colour. It holds your monadic energy.

Each chakra has chambers and each chamber stands for something (a lesson) and needs to be cleared (eventually). Like the Third Eye has 96!! The throat 22.
The root has 2: one for masculine and one for feminine energy. When you have balanced and harmonised these energies within you the chakra will become 5D and thus platinum in colour.
Not getting into that now. Just so you know there's a lot to clear per chakra.
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The 12 Ascension Chakras  Empty Re: The 12 Ascension Chakras

Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:48 pm
There's an absolutely beautiful meditation on activating these 12 chakras by Diana Cooper on her YT channel.
I've done it the other day, it raises your vibration like you wouldn't believe!!

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