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Challenge, Hidden Passion, Balance NRs & more! Empty Challenge, Hidden Passion, Balance NRs & more!

Sun Nov 06, 2022 3:43 pm
I found this great website with well-written in-depth information and insight in all your personal numbers!
I've not before come across a site that was so complete.

Over 3 decades ago I first found out about numerology when I bought a book about it. But its descriptions feel more B&W, don't offer the depth, although I must admit at the time I didn't have the wisdom and insight in Self yet either to place it properly.
Now I do.
But this website comes up with more things that aren't in my book AND how to calculate these yourself:
- Challenges/lesson: there are 4. I knew of 3, calculated by a friend, now I know my 4th one as well!

- Hidden Passions

- Balance Number

I read through the whole lot, also the more regular numbers as Life Path, Heart's Desire/ Soul Urge, Personality Nr etc.
All are absolutely accurate.

My Challenge Nrs are 1 1 0 0 and my friend told me if you have a number come up more than once its message is extra powerful. Well, bleep me, I got that twice, haha. Ain't I a lucky girl, lol.
But the meaning of Challenge 0 is absolutely beautiful and spot on.

The 3rd Challenge -a 0 for me- is the main one that plays a role your entire life. The others are more chronologically, ages are given but of course these are only an approximate.
For me it means I'm now moving from the 2nd "1" to the last "0". Which is correct.

I also have a remarkable amount of 8s, while my friend who was studying numerology said I had quite a lot of 4s. But I only have one 4 I know of, my Life Path.
The abundance of 8 is peculiar as the infinity symbol -the 8- is my power symbol!

In any case, if you feel like a bit of a deep dive in Self, and take an interest in numerology, I highly recommend this site.


You can find the core numbers here and the others via the links on each page: --->
Core & Other Numbers

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