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How negative & duality thinking works Empty How negative & duality thinking works

Sun Jun 19, 2022 1:38 pm
How thoughts arise in duality... This is how I came to understand this:
In one of his full workshop webinars Joe Dispenza shows a short clip of a thought moving through the brain. You see a close-up of the nerve cells and how they light up as a flash of 'light' moves through them.
That is a thought.

From what I've learnt, both from JD as well as others... we all have thought patterns that form networks in the brain that we often use. These patterns mostly stem from the subconscious (95%).
The subconscious is where all issues and inner child trauma etc. is held so if most thoughts come from our old programs they will automatically be dual and mostly negative.

The thing with this is that these networks of cells in the brain connect together (with I think are called dendrites in English) and these dendrites require what you can call some kind of glue to stay in place.
What is required to get rid of thought patterns is to get these dendrites to disconnect. Permanently.
This can be done but takes time and effort. The thing is there's only so much of this 'glue' so if you have to persist in changing your ways -both feelings and thoughts as these go hand in hand- at some point a new thought network has to be created and in order to do that the dendrites have to let go of the old connections as there isn't enough glue available to hold on to both.
But if you're only in the new state for a short time, and don't resolve the issues held in the subconscious, you will slip back before the new pattern can be 'glued' solidly in place.
And you will have to keep living the new way to keep it going as a positive thought network in the brain can be broken down just like a negative one.

That's why Joe Dispenza calls it "entering the river of change" and leaving behind the old self & personality: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (title of his book).
That means you cannot change the thought patterns if you keep doing & living the way you did. You got to become a new you, a positive you, permanently.
That way the thought patterns of duality will be dissolved. With that, diseases related to the thought patterns will disappear or get much less too.

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