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Girasol from Madagascar Empty Girasol from Madagascar

Wed Jun 01, 2022 10:14 pm
I bought my first girasol ever yesterday!
I never felt drawn to it before as it's so misty, unclear, and somehow that always annoyed me. I want to be able to see. I have the same with a medium size citrine skull that is misty for a big part. I want that to clear up so I can see what's in there. Pet peeve. Might be worth looking into as it likely says something about me, maybe having difficulty and not liking unclear situations.

But anyway, last week girasol came to my attention, totally unexpected really, and I got intrigued.
Then I found a freeform that resonated a lot with me! It's not entirely misty, it's got clearer parts too, which I like Happy
And it's from Madagascar, not Brazil. Somehow that resonated better, the typical feminine Lemurian energy from Madagascar... Love that!
Then I found a description on Madagascar girasol by an author whose book on crystals I got, but the description I found was entirely different, far deeper. Like a reading.
It completely resonated and made me feel even better about buying the freeform. Which I then did.
It should arrive tomorrow! Can't wait Happy
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