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What is the North & South Node in your Chart? Empty What is the North & South Node in your Chart?

Wed May 18, 2022 7:18 pm
North Node is what needs to be done to get to the Soul's purpose.
There is also the South Node which is more influences from the past, including past lives, and it symbolizes everything that has been, innate instinctive behaviour and reactions. As such it is an old part of the psyche.

North Node is opposite, it's new unfamiliar territory and can be scary or not always pleasant because of that.
This path is entirely new, outside of the comfort-zone and as such can make the person fall back into their South Node behaviour & reactions as that is familiar and thus feels safer. Bear in mind that familiar does not equal pleasant nor what's good for you (anymore).

Whenever there is a tendency to fall back into the old it's important to use one's talents to not have that happen -we're supposed to move forward after all, not backward. These talents have been created and mastered in the past, so these are stored in the South Node.


My North Node is Taurus, South Node Scorpio (if not mistaken always 6 months later, the opposite sign. So if you know the 1 you can easily find the other). You can also find it online. A position lasts about a year and a half, so it'll be the same for everyone born in that period of time.
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