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Machu Picchu Stone - Judy Hall Empty Machu Picchu Stone - Judy Hall

Tue Apr 12, 2022 11:06 am
This stone is in one of Judy Hall's Crystal Bibles, I do not know which one unfortunately, but try finding an image of it online proves to be impossible!
Of course 'Machu Picchu' is picked up immediately to come with photos of the place, but none of the stone.
No matter what I add to the search query, it doesn't come up.

I found 2 'serpentine Machu Picchu stones', however these show green serpentines, NOT Machu Picchu stones. The Machu Picchu stones are not serpentine!
When searching in Dutch I find a few shops that sell them but they look different from the ones in J. Hall's Bible.

This makes me wonder... does anyone actually have Machu Picchu stone? It seems impossible to find online. Other than it being in one of J. Hall's Bibles, do people even know of the existence? It seems impossible to purchase one, except for in this one Dutch shop I often buy from, and those are the exact type that are in J. Hall's book. Not some other type of Peruvian stone that you slap the name on.

I'm including an image so you have an idea of what they can look like.
They're a very gentle but powerful stone from Peru.
Also, do you know which Bible these are in? I believe the stones came on the market around 2013 and at the time they were in one of J. Hall's Bibles.

Machu Picchu Stone - Judy Hall KZBCrfm
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