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Paul the Venetian Empty Paul the Venetian

Mon Dec 27, 2021 12:27 pm
I never worked with Paul the Venetian, Ascended Master. In a way a bit weird as he's about creativity, artists, freedom etc. and those really resonate with me. Yet, he never appealed to me.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that he used to work with the pink ray? Chohan of the Pink Ray. Many online texts still state this, and on oracle decks you still see him depicted as such. But like we humans sometimes change what we do, so do the Ascended Masters. They too grow and evolve and sometimes move to different task.
Paul the Venetian moved to another task or ray, can't from the top of my head remember which one, and someone else became the Chohan of the Pink Ray. I vaguely remember this info already coming up in a text I posted on a forum some 12 years ago. If memory serves it said that he was about to change Ray. So it was already in the making a long time ago.
Maybe that's why he didn't resonate so much with me before as the whole love think (Pink Ray) to me vibes more and better with Mary, Quan Yin, Isis etc.

In any case, Diana Cooper offered a Winter Solstice Zoom and much of that had to do with Paul the Venetian and his Flame of Freedom.
I signed up for it :p
She said she'd never really worked with him but he came through so incredibly strong right before the Winter Solstice and of course she heeded his call.

Now after this Zoom, I feel more in touch with Paul the Venetian and often call on the Flame of Freedom. Funny thing is that the colours of this flame are the same as the colours in my Heart chakra when I open it?! Only then it's the softer, more pastel version of the colours and it is soft peach/orange, soft yellow and light pink.

In any case, this Ascended Master is very interesting! Certainly worth reading about and working with Happy

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