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Clearing Karma Empty Clearing Karma

Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:50 pm
Someone elsewhere asked if you could clear or reduce karma by working on the chakras.
I thought my reply could be helpful to some so I'm posting it here.

I'm not entirely sure but I think it could assist as when you are working on your chakras, clearing all the issues in there, you could come across what caused the karma stuff to begin with. For instance a personality trait based on ego things.
Also, you likely have to get to a higher vibration as karmic things -esp. ancestral & family- is kept in the Soul Star chakra. This is a 5D chakra, not on the body.

Personally I'm not so interested in karma, never have been really.
And from a teacher I follow I learnt that all karma was resolved in -if memory serves- 2015 but could also have been 2019. It was replaced by instant karma. Meaning if you do something negative you instantly notice. Could be as simple as stubbing your toe real bad. Happened to me :/

You can also visit the Lords of Karma and ask them to release and resolve Karmic debt.
I've done that a number of times. Diana Cooper has a meditation -released around 2009 or earlier- to release all that and to get released. In that you ask to have all vows -incl. blood vows- and so on broken, for which you address the ones you made them to or with. You don't have to actually know who these are, you just invite them to come to set you free.
You also set them free.
All parties sign a contract -I think with AA Metatron there- that states you release them and they you.
Then all chains, cuffs, cords, tokens of poverty, chastity belts and so on can/will be removed.

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