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Find your Viking Birth Runes (Sun & Rising) Empty Find your Viking Birth Runes (Sun & Rising)

Tue Jan 17, 2023 2:52 pm
Wanna know your Viking Sun & Rising sign?
It works with runes, your date and time of birth.

And Lo' and behold: it is 100% accurate for me! Not with what I feel is me, but also with my Western horoscope.
I have Laguz for Sun, which is about the feminine and easy connection with the Divine and intuition.
This resonates completely as it's all I'm about AND it comes up in almost every aspect of my regular chart as well!
My Rising Rune is Ehwaz, which is about change, travel etc. which is also "me" and resonates with my Western ascendant Gemini, but also other aspects of my regular chart.

Have fun with it! And hopefully yours resonates as well 😄

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